The Insolvency Act

A Rehabilitation Application occurs in terms of Section 124 of the Insolvency Act. We have listed all the relevant Sections of the Insolvency Act, Act 24 of 1936, that could be applicable on a rehabilitation application.

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Sec 23(5) - Rights and obligations of insolvent during sequestration.
Sec 24(2) - Provisions relating to property in possession of insolvent after sequestration.
Sec 25 - Estate vests in trustee until rehabilitation
Sec 40 - First and Second meetings of creditors
Sec 51 - Withdrawal of claim already proven
Sec 54 - Election of trustee & setting aside
Sec 60 - Removal of trustee by Master
Sec 80bis - Sale of movable or immovable property
Sec 97 - Cost of sequestration
Sec 110 - Compelling trustee to submit accounts
Sec 112 - Confirmation of trustee’s accounts
Sec 116 - Surplus paid to Guardians’ Fund until rehabilitation
Sec 116bis - Failure by trustee to submit account or to perform duties
Sec 119 - Composition
Sec 124 - Grounds for a rehabilitation application & Notice periods
Sec 125 - Security to be furnished
Sec 126 - Fact to be declared by way of affidavit
Sec 127 - Opposition or refusal of application
Sec 127A - Automatic rehabilitation by effluxion of time
Sec 128 - Partnership cannot be rehabilitated
Sec 129 - Effects of rehabilitation on Insolvent and Debt
Sec 130 - Illegal inducements for granting rehabilitation
Sec 131 - Recovery of penalty
Sec 132 - Concealing or destroying books or assets
Sec 133 - Concealment of liabilities or pretext to existence of assets
Sec 134 - Failure to keep proper records
Sec 149 - Jurisdiction of the court
Sec 152 - Master may direct trustee to deliver documents or information
Sec 155 - Destruction of documents
Sec 157 - Formal defects

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