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EZ-Rehabilitation.co.za is one the the websites owned, operated, maintained and hosted by EZ Legal Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a private company that specialize in providing legal services over the internet via web based solutions and software apps exclusively developed for our specific legal applications.


The company is headed by CEO Rohan Lamprecht, who was responsible for erecting the Insolvency Division at Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys. Initially the firm only accepted local cases in the Rustenburg district, but eventually the firm's reputation grew by word of mouth and after a decade the Insolvency Division had established itself as the experts in the field of Insolvency Law on a provincial level, in the North West Province.


As head of the Insolvency Division of Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys, Rohan Lamprecht grew the division into operating on a national basis and subsequently designed and erected the website Bankruptcy24.co.za which eventually became the most visited website in South Africa regarding Insolvency Law and the biggest client of Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys.


Due to certain other services being offered on websites, also operated by Rohan Lamprecht in the same manner and of course the fact that various attorneys and law firms had shamelessly plagiarized sections of his websites' articles and content, it was agreed and decided to consolidate everything under one umbrella and brand name in order to establish a very distinct corporate identity:

EZ Legal Solutions    


We have been tending to rehabilitation application since 2008 under the band name Bankruptcy24, in various High Courts throughout South Africa, lending assistance to South African Citizens on a national basis, irrespective if they are currently situated abroad.

Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys still serves as one of our main service providers on our panel, with the assistance and under the guidance of very own CEO, who still manages their Insolvency Division. Despite the aforementioned, our panel also includes 11 other law firms who acts as our correspondents and 5 advocates, acting as counsel.


It surly bears mentioning that the Heads of Argument which was drafted by  Rohan Lamprecht for counsel in the rehabilitation matter of Ex parte Oosthuizen resulted in the case being reported and replacing the 1991 verdict of the very much cited Ex parte van Wyk (which after a history of more than 20 years, had been considered a bit of a holy grail when it came to rehabilitation applications). 


Lastly, due to software develop exclusively for us and specifically tailored for rehabilitation applications, we are able to assist clients quicker and more efficiently than anyone else we are currently aware of.


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